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Shelton, CT, is Comet’s US headquarters as well as an important sales, distribution and service hub for the Comet Group.




Joining Comet Group

Shelton, CT, located 70 miles from metro New York City, is Comet’s US headquarters as well as an important sales, distribution and service hub for the Comet Group. From this modern facility, we provide our innovative Comet X-ray and ebeam source technology and portable X-ray systems to leading manufacturers, research labs and government sites within North and South America. We also work closely with our customers to support development of new applications and processes in a collaborative environment through our on-site X-ray and ebeam laboratories.

This is also where our US shared services team is based to support finance, HR and IT requirements of the entire Comet Technologies USA organization.

Shelton offers a wide range of technical capabilities under one roof that focuses on delivering value for our customers. “We offer the best support from Start to Finish. Period.”


The team at Comet Shelton

Despite the great distances between us and our colleagues at other locations (as well as team members based in the field), it’s very important we stay closely connected to share information and ideas on a regular basis. At Comet we have an open communication culture with streamlined decision-making processes that make it possible for market-facing employees to work independently and offer solutions to our customers.

We also want to continue growing, which is why we’re always on the look-out for local experts in the areas of project management, sales and business development, service, and assembly of x-ray and ebeam products. Please refer to the link below for a listing of Comet Technologies open positions. 

Your career at Comet Shelton

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Bernhard Hunziker, Flamatt

"Testing the physical boundaries together with my team gives me fresh motivation every day. I get to set myself challenges and work on previously unimaginable innovations."

Hans Rysgaard, Copenhagen

"An essential driver in a smaller organization like ours is a high level of passion and dedication. Our employees are committed and show what can be achieved with collaboration and team spirit. Everyone contributes to our success."

Onur Caglar, Flamatt

"Our ebeam technology will revolutionize many things – I am convinced of that. I wanted to be a part of this historic development, to go 数字货币杠杆交易_货币合约交易原理home at night knowing I'd done something that was challenging, interesting and – most importantly – good."

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Carl Valente

Director of HR Operations
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